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Mehr Informationen über Lions Club Baden St. Helena


LCI Id 65276
District 114 O
Region 114 O-3
Zone 114 O-32
Address Suzanne Kastner, Mühlgasse 108/2/1
2500 Baden
AIN 693040534
Charter night 06/06/02
Sponsor Baden Helenental (AT)
Name of the Bank Sparkasse Baden
Bank Sort Code 20205
Bank Account Number 53488
IBAN (main account) AT40 2020 5000 0005 3488
Email 9d8932ab3f293741ca76d21e918df971cf75828a
Meetings 2nd and 4th Monday, 19:45 Hotel Schloß Weikersdorf, Schloßgasse 9-11, 2500 Baden, Treffen mit Essen ab 19:00, ab 19:45 Sitzung
Schloßgasse 9-11
AT-2500 Baden
LC Baden St. Helena
48.008117 16.220763