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Function Name
Club president Brigitte Mende
Club past-president Dr. Elisabeth Neugebauer
Club 1st vice president Renate Schwabl
Club 2nd vice president Gabriele Leiss
Club secretary Mag. Suzanne Kastner
Secretary substitute Mag. Ilse Michlits
Club treasurer Renate Schwabl
Club treasurer substitute Mag. Andrea Biegler
Club Lion Tamer Mag. Dorothea Merich
Club Activity Delegate Heidemarie Kern
Club Activity Delegate Erna Koprax
Club Activity Delegate Silvia Lammerhuber
Club Activity Delegate Martha Umhack
Club Activity Delegate Dr. Isabel Feli Weyrich
Club Specific Functions Maria Rettenbacher
Club Specific Functions Dr.iur. Gabriele Schubert
Club contacts Mag. Elisabeth Rotter-Le Beau
Club Peace Poster Competiion Gabriele Leiss
Club Kultur Mag. Elisabeth Schafzahl
Club L-100 Dr. Elisabeth Neugebauer
Club membership director Gerlinde Koch
Club membership director Mag.iur. Caroline E. Pestal-Czedik-Eysenberg
Club membership director Barbara Schmid
Club PR Beate Haslwanter
Club social media Mag. Suzanne Kastner